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QazCon Hub: New impulse to transport logistics development in Kazakhstan

In January 2023, QazCon Hub, a new transport and logistics center, is opening in Kazakhstan. The QazCon Hub project is one of the largest distribution points of Central Asia. It is located 40 km far from Almaty, at the Kairat station, in Almaty Region. The logistics hub is located along the Altynkol-Almaty main track, on a total area of 135 ha.
Launch of the modern QazCon Hub marked a new stage in the development of transport logistics industry of the country, and its advantageous location will not only allow resident partners to reduce the time of delivery by arranging the fastest and convenient transit routes through the center of Eurasia, but also give a new impulse to the economic growth of the region.
Dias Omirserikov, director of QazCon Hub, spoke about the ambitious project included in the global system of transport corridors and connecting the international logistics routes of Eurasia.
According to Dias Omirserikov, the project implementation was planned in two composite stages:
construction of an administration and amenity complex, railway and motor roads, crane runways of the container terminal, power supply of the infrastructure;
gas supply of the sites, erection of modern A class warehouses.
Taking into account the global transformation of the entire logistics model of Eurasia and the importance of innovative approach in the implementation of the large-scale project, the QazCon Hub top management and investors directed all project and construction works to professionals at the planning stage.
"This is construction of motor and railway roads, electrification. Advanced equipment has been bought from abroad. At the moment, the first stage of the project is being completed. We have constructed 3,200m of railway roads out of the planned 9,000m. A motor road with a total length of 3km has been laid. We are performing works on power supply. A new double-girder gantry crane with a spreader grip with a capacity of 50 tons will be installed. There are round-the-clock security posts in the center, and the perimeter is patrolled by a rapid response team", said Dias Omirserikov.
«"Today, assembly of the container crane for the QazCon Hub project is being completed at the plant in Henan province", the leader of the industrial hub noted.
The only investor of the QazCon Hub project is DAMU Group. After the completion of all preparatory works and commission of the infrastructure, the transport and logistics hub will become part of DAMU Logistics Group.
Implementation of the QazCon Hub project became possible due to more than 10-year experience of one of the largest container terminals – International Logistics Corporation, which is part of DAMU Logistics Group. During the project development, the technical, commercial, personnel, and logistics principles of work of the international container terminal were taken as the basis.
"Investment is well under way, so the project will operate in all its glory from the very beginning. An obvious advantage of the beneficial location is that the Kairat station is near the border with China, and, at the same time, is relatively close to Almaty. Accordingly, the trains coming from China arrive at the Kairat station before going to Almaty. Along the line, rolling stock is unstuffed and delivered directly to our dead-end tracks. In addition, we use our own switcher. This will save time on switching. In total, we save 12-24 hours for wagon supply and assembly. Such scheme is very beneficial for companies for which time frames are essential", Dias Omirserikov said.
Planned capacity of the container terminal at the initial stage is 12 thousand containers, but it can be increased up to 100 thousand containers if necessary. Since January 1, QazCon Hub will run a special promotion for container storage in any quantity at a reduced price.
"The site is fully prepared, the container terminal has been equipped, surveillance cameras have been installed, etc. A technical opening is planned for January 1. On the same day, we will begin filling our areas, and open the function of empty container storage. We are making a promotion for subsidized container storage. This is about 5-10 thousand pieces. That is, from the day of technical opening, we will begin to render a full range of storage services, including road and railway transportation, handling of cargo in transit from Europe to China, and vice versa", general director of QazCon Hub explains.
QazCon Hub provides its clients with an opportunity to receive a whole range of services:
- transport logistics;
- storage and customs clearance of cargo (TSW and customs warehouse);
- storage of containers;
- lease of warehouse;
- road and railway transportation of cargo and containers;
- lease and purchase of land plots;
; - terminal handling of cargo and containers;
- forwarding services.
Dias Omirserikov notes the special role of QazCon Hub in providing jobs or the population – estimated number of employees at the new transport and logistics hub is about 1600 people. Understanding the importance and significance of improving business processes in the implementation of an abitious and large-scale project, the QazCon Hub company decided to improve professional competence of each future employee through continuous training and improvement of work skills.
"The industrial and logistics hub is intended for 1600 workplaces. This includes technical personnel, top management, managers at various levels, security service, etc. That is, it is an extensive and global enterprise. We recruit qualified professionals, and we will train new employees under the Intern program. We are ready to produce our own personnel with whom we will conclude a labor agreement and ensure career development", Dias Omirserikov noted.

Opening of the new ambitious project located in one of the key transport corridors of Eurasia will make it possible to increase the transit potential of Kazakhstan and entire Central Asia, and will become one of the main points of the New Silk Road. All these factors will primarily lead to increase in the economical performance of Almaty Region and Kazakhstan.
"There is no doubt that the new hub means development of the regional transport network, attraction of foreign companies to Kazakhstan. Today we are a new transit point between China and Europe. Goods come to us first, then go to the Caspian Sea, to Georgia through the ferry, and only then to Europe. This logistics scheme is much needed now. Our container terminal is a node where a whole range of services is provided. It involves production workers, logisticians, and structural divisions. Sending one container train involves about 60 people – one shift of the terminal employees, including the production unit, engineers, and management. Taking into account the growing transportation load from China to Europe, and back, the launch of QazCon Hub will provide jobs for hundreds of locals due to the development of new lines and transport logistics. QazCon Hub will lead to increase in the competitive ability of the transport potential of Kazakhstan, which is important in the midst of rapidly developing container transportation from China to Europe. I am sure that QazCon Hub will become one of the main points of the New Silk Road in a short time", Dias Omirserikov believes.