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Manipulation is packing, repacking of goods, application of bar codes, signs, inscriptions, assembly of various types of products into advertising compositions.

Manipulation provides opportunities to

  • Increase sales of fast/slow-moving products
  • Sell products with presentable/unpresentable package
  • Decrease remains of rejected items
  • Advertising support at the stage of promoting a new product to the market
  • Optimization of product package


  • Oriented labelling on any surface;
  • Legalization of products (applying information to the product to meet the legal requirements);
  • Production and sticking of a promotion sticker (product discount, promotional activities information, etc.);
  • Production and application of a sticker with a bar code;
  • Non-standard marking.

Сo-packing (repacking)

  • product plus information and promotional materials: instructions, warranty certificates, booklets that increase the product "status" drawing attention to it among similar ones on the shelf;
  • metro units – packing of several identical items together, maximizing the efficiency with additional promotional materials and/or bright package;
  • bundles (product "A" plus product "B") – cross-selling or sampling of additional goods. An example of cross-selling: bundling of one type of product with another (toothpaste plus a brush, or a razor plus a set of disposable blades); an example of sampling: launch of a new product, the sample of which is attached to a product that has approved itself on the market;
  • product plus gift – it allows you to hold a promotion without additional costs for its implementation, including remuneration of promoters.

Our advantages


no need to appropriate funds and place to develop complex technologies and equipment involved in the packing process;


cutting of costs on the maintenance of the staff involved in the packing process, which releases available hands and minimizes the cost of staff training;


strict compliance with deadlines;


well-organized logistics scheme: delivery of goods for packing — wait — removal of packed goods;


storage of the finished packed goods: products sent for packaging do not require a return: they may be supplied for sale from the packing line.