Taking into account the necessity to store and to control storage and transporting medical purpose facilities we propose individual solutions for each kinds of goods including standardization and licensing of warehouse areas, definite conditions of storage providing temperature and humidity control.

  • Processing medical purpose devices is organized in accordance with individual requirements: LIFO and FIFO methodology, batch record and shelf-life records providing informing clients on daily basis.
  • Alongside with this taking care about the business of our partners we provide preparation of goods in accordance with all state standards: insertion of instructions in state languages as well as other operations.
  • Our advantage consists in the fact that customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses are situated within a single warehouse terminal and that provides a well-timed delivery of goods on door-to-door basis keeping necessary temperature conditions.
  • Industrial parks situated near strategically important transport corridor "Western Europe - Western China" with land plots of industrial purpose are intended for construction of plants and industrial facilities.