"It is a very serious and a very necessary facility" - said the President. – It is the second rout in our economic relations with the People's Republic of China. They have already constructed their part of the railway. This rout will be used for shipping cargo not just to Kazakhstan and Middle Asia but also to Russia and Europe. Almaty becomes a powerful transit region and transit city and we are going to receive a significant profit on this basis.

The stretch of the railway road will be 298 kilometers. This railroad starts from Zhetygen station and goes through territories of Iliysk, Talgar, Enbekshikazakh, Uygur and Panfilov districts of Almaty region and will lead to the Chinese border. There the second border checkpoint is going to be opened providing an opportunity to increase amounts of international freight.  With the new line the distance from Aktau and Almaty to China will become 500 kilometers shorter.

Earlier it was presupposed that ENRC would take part in this project. But recently it became known that ENRC came to an agreement with government of Kazakhstan concerning termination of Public-private partnership agreement for construction and exploitation of Zhetygen – Korgas railroad.

Railroad Zhetygen – Korgas will be built during 45 months from August 2009 till 2012. General cost of construction is 147.4 billions KZT (in average 502 million KZT per kilometer). 29 bridges, five stations, ten passing tracks and one overpass will have to be erected. 5500 persons will be engaged in construction; 805 of them will be attracted to work yet in 2009. 2093 working places on the road will be created during the period of its exploitation.

Up-to-date Nursultan Nazarbayev is planning to pay a visit to Yenbekshykazakh district of Almaty region and to get acquainted with work performed by demonstration, selection section of "Budan" enterprise where hybrid seeds of corn and soybean are grown.

The further program includes a visit to fruit crops nursery garden of "Aydarbayev" farm. At the end of his trip the president is going to meet the staff of the new maternity home in Yesik city.

30 июл 2012