The head of USAID project on regional export collaboration Victor Prodedovich considers that: "Shipping logistics is the main problems for exporters in the Central Asia region". 

At the business seminar "Development of Export Partnerships in the Central Asia" carried out by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan   Victor Prodedovich said: "Shipping logistics takes from 70 to 80% in monetary terms of exported goods in the Central Asian region and it is the biggest problem for exporters of the region".

He gave an example of Uzbekistan and south regions of Kazakhstan where manufactured agricultural products "is purchased in the fields for cents and in the south of Kazakhstan it is sold for dollars". At the same time churning including also shipment costs according to Prodedovich "is expressed not in percentage but in many folds - hundredfold and sometimes even more expensive".

According to the head of the project on regional export collaboration within this project USAID carries out marketing researches, defines problems and provides information about these problems and in so doing it facilitates solving these problems on the official level. In addition to that USAID project is aimed at building new trading spheres for exporters of the region.

"Up-to-date we are actively working with Afghanistan and we also have started collaboration with Pakistan". We are ready to finance trips of Kazakh entrepreneurs to Pakistan in full amount in order they could find partners there and establish business relations with these partners" - said Prodedovich. Up-to-date export from Kazakhstan to Pakistan according to Prodedovich's information is about 20 million dollars per year but "these are mainly raw materials". Prodedovich considers that such business meetings are necessary in order entrepreneurs could clearly understand the business climate, legislations and needs of this or that country.

Later in an interview answering the question how military pullout will influence trading relations between countries of the region and Afghanistan the representative of USAID stated that at the very least the flow of goods isn't most likely going to decrease. Prodedovich also noted that: "It may even increase as far as railway roads are going to become more free".


15 мар 2014