Up-to-date in accordance with various expert estimates logistic costs of companies are in the range 20% to 50% of the cost of goods. Reducing these costs is the main task of up-to-date logistic centers. Optimization of business processes becomes really topical during crisis periods.  In a whole complex approach to Kazakhstan logistic sphere development by means of business optimization will create proper conditions necessary for attracting large companies to our market and will help to significantly increase state budget revenues.

Experience shows that storage of goods and warehouse stock management if performed independently are unprofitable not just for foreign distributors but also for markets and manufacturers:  rent-price of warehouses is high as well as transport charges, there is a necessity to obtain experienced personnel for performing warehouse management alongside with experience in storing most diverse goods, equipment is also expensive etc.  In addition to this it is easy to loose reputation gained during years and to suffer losses because of damage of goods at non-equipped warehouses.

Previous year supervisory bodies withdrawn 1 600 kg of sugary products of Russian and Ukrainian origin from a warehouse of just one of domestic markets. The second place among poor quality products belongs to dairy products and 69% of withdrawn products are products of Kazakh origin.

In addition to this when a business becomes a large scale one work at old warehouses becomes impossible because of the great percentage of failures and mistakes. It is necessary to create an infrastructure meeting requirements of the respective time period.

The problem consists also in the fact that suppliers prefer to ship their goods in big batches and markets prefer to receive all assortment of goods in small amounts in one track, without delays and providing minimal expenses.

In the result of this the market demands a broad range of high-quality services from logistic operators and these services should be able to increase business efficiency. But the majority of players in the logistic market of Kazakhstan prefer to parcel out their services presenting only very specialized services: transport services, warehouse services or customs services.

And that's why the main problem now consists in an insufficient (relative to the demand) amount of up-to-date logistic centers which would be able to present a full range of transport, logistic and customs services meeting the world centers. 

Industrial logistic centers of "DAMU Logistics" company are an example of such an approach. The Company have anticipated the necessity to develop logistic infrastructure, to create a warehose structure and to erect industrial logistic centers on the territory of Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana, Aktobe), as well as abroad (Tula Region in Russia), International Center of Boundary Cooperation "Khorgos" (at the border with China). ILCs give an opportunity to allocate goods of many clients in up-to-date warehouse complexes of class "A" equipped with all necessary systems of environmental support as well as to provide each client with an individual package of logistic services.

In the sphere of logistics "DAMU" has got a broad range of clients. Among them there are such companies as "Procter and Gamble", "Adidas Group", "Sela", "Gallacher Kazakhstan", "Oriflame", "Air Astana", "Stada Nizhfarm", "Colgate-Palmolive", "Nokian Tyers", "Tetra Раck" etc. These companies are appreciating services; absence of problems with acceptance, shipment and safety of goods as well as the fact in the result final consumers receives the goods in the form the company wants.

Logists state that in a whole for accelerating the process of establishment of Kazakhstan logistic sector it is necessary to solve tasks of logistic infrastructure global modernization. These tasks are as follows: construction of new automobile and railway routs and reconstruction of existing routs (included to international transit corridors), construction of logistic parks etc. It is also necessary on expedite basis to pass the law concerning transit organization as well as to define a single operator in the sphere of transits bearing the entire responsibility for shipping cargo on the territory of Kazakhstan and to build up-to-date logistic parks on the way of the main transit lines binding China with Europe.

27 июл 2012