The resource, industrial and shipping potential of Kazakhstan provides a broad range of opportunities for performing capital investments. This is precisely why the leaders of the country have defined the following task: to move to the community of 50 most competitive countries of the world in an accelerated tempo and to secure positions of the country as a constant member of this community.


Principles of creating logistic network

Market of warehousing is the youngest and the most rapidly growing market in Kazakhstan. Up-to-date the positive trend of Kazakh economy leads to the stable expansion of importers and manufacturers as well as to increasing the number of local and international retail networks. Constructing warehouses of the new generations will help to lessen the load on roads of big cities, to optimize conditions of storage, to solve a number of problems in the sphere of trading; and it will also create conditions for new participants' entering the market. Present-day warehouses which were built during the Soviet period are not meeting requirements of up-to-date business as far as it needs a more mobile service giving an opportunity not just to store cargo but also to operatively receive information (within few minutes periods) about movements of goods, to perform a broad range of operations at the warehouse (labelinf and sorting of goods, packing and arrangement of orders) etc.


Advantages of Almaty region

Almaty region is known for its reach natural resources; and it is also known as a service trading and industrial agglomeration of infrastructure and transport resources within the Almaty city influence zone. The region has got a significant transport and transit potential for development of international container shipments on the Europe - Asia direction.

Development of Dostyk station on Kazakh-Chinese border becomes really important for provision of international shipments along Transasian trunk-railway.



Industrial and logistic center "DAMU-Алматы" with general area of 210 hectares is situated in the industrial part of the city. Industrial areas ready for building are situated on its territory; these areas are divided into separate segments  of 1 to 5 hectares. The ILC is provided with a complete autonomous infrastructure (power supply, water supply, sewage system, digital line high speed Internet).

Territory of ILC "DAMU-Алматы" is comfortably located between highways Almaty - Zhetygen and Almaty - Oskemen which are the main transport arteries connecting the industrial logistic center with Almaty city, regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as with near-abroad and far-abroad countries. Alongside with this a Big Almaty Ring Motor Road (BAKAD) is going to be built ant it will be situated in close vicinity to the ILC. It gives the center an opportunity to be quite remote from the city but at the same time to be easily accessible. 

Zhetysu railway station access communications of "DAMU-Almaty" are joined to is situated on the trunk-railway Dostyk - Aktogay - Almaty-1 - Chu providing freights of cargo according to trade and economic relations of South and Western Kazakhstan, countries of the Central Asia, the Russian Federation and countries of Western Europe with China and countries of South-East Asia.

02 окт 2013