Total area: 53ha

Purpose: construction of a commercial and logistic, wholesale and distribution center

Location: 7/1, Baiyrkum Str., right bank, Almaty region, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Land plot divisibility: can be plotted out into areas of 1 ha and larger

Specific features: the land plot is fenced, there is a plugged and abandoned well, the land plot is located in the vicinity of all communication lines and OP-39, a dead-end track goes to the land plot.

Location advantages: located in the vicinity of the republican by-pass road, Astana-Kokshetau-Petropavlosk, Astana-Kostanai direction.

The Complex Consists Of:
“A” Class Terminal

Total area – 20 000m²

Number of pallet positions – 21 200

Building - new fundamental building


  • 21 200 pallet positions on racks
  • 5.000 pallet positions on under-ceiling shelves
  • Shelf storage - 6 tiers, ceiling working height – 12m


  • Automatic fire alarm system;
  • Sprinkler fire-extinguishing system;
  • Centralized video monitoring system;
  • Security

Terminal equipment:

  • handling equipment for orders sorting and picking
  • program control of goods in stock, possibility of on-line monitoring of storage operations


  • 20 vehicle gates with hydroramps (dock-levelers)
  • 8 railway gates, railway ramp area – 518 m²

Storage conditions:

  • 24-hour operation
  • Storage temperature on terminal + 5°С to +18°С
  • Even floor with an anti-dust, antistatic and anti-seismic surface;
  • Office area – 315 m²
  • “A” class mezzanine area in the warehouse – 2 000 m²

Temporary storage warehouse:

  • Located in the “A” class warehouse
  • All customs clearing services

“B” Class Terminal

  • Total area - 3 878 m².
  • Number of pallet positions – 3 200

Administration and living quarters

  • Total area – 5 284m².

Dead-end tracks:

  • A dead-end track capacity in “A” class warehouse is 6 cars
  • A dead-end track capacity in “B” class warehouse is 3 cars
  • Railway siding is available
  • Dead-end tracks are in an enclosed space

Software: WMS Logistics Vision Suite:

  • System purpose - management of the storage area and stock movement
  • Specifications - hardware and software complex allowing solving warehouse management tasks in a fast and efficient manner.
  • The system allows
  • Minimizing a required stock level in the warehouse
  • Reduce order processing term
  • Real-time stock movement monitoring;
  • Speeding up supplies consolidation and shipment;
  • Maintaining employees’ performance efficiency calculation;
  • Monitoring goods turn-in and shipment.
  • Hardware system intergratedness allows using equipment of such manufacturers, as: Intermec, PSC, Denso, LXE, Datamax, TEC, Cisco, D-Link, etc. The systems integrator provides a comprehensive approach, ensuring extensive support and training.
  • Developer: Service Plus Soft Company, a part of Service Plus Company